Alaska Balloon Rides Questions And Responses

How long will I be inside the balloon?

Air streams and weather essentially control the length of time your flight lasts, but anticipate up to an hour. Add pre-launch groundworks and landing and you can anticipate up to a 4 hour experience all together.

How high do you go?

Your height will differ during your flight, but most flights take place between 500 and 3,000 feet. The balloon may go higher if the day's winds enable your pilot to do so. Winds permitting, some flights will also occur at lower elevations (treetop level) that provide a nice close up of the landscape below.

Horizontally, how far will we go from our liftoff location?

Due to the fact that your balloon journey depends 100% on the wind, no two trips are exactly alike, but most Balloon Rides in Alaska travel approximately 2-5 miles.

Alaska Balloon Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Alaska can I book a hot air balloon trip through Alaska Balloon Rides?

Alaska Balloon Rides has pilots across the state providing you more choices for the area of your hot air balloon ride than any other Hot Air Balloon Provider in Alaska.

How many people go into the basket?

How many people fit in the basket depends on the overall size of your balloon. The biggest of our fleet will hold 16 attendees and the pilot. Those are usually flown during the weekend. But we have baskets that will hold anywhere from 4 to 12 individuals. Whatever size basket fits that day's reservation is what we use.

What kind of clothing should we be dressed in for our hot air balloon experience?

We suggest wearing everyday clothes and shoes that will be comfy during an outside event. Consider the season you are traveling in and the time of your flight; be ready to shed clothing if you get warm once airborne. It may be cool before you depart from the ground. Once the burners are going and you're in flight you'll discover that even in wintertime the basket is nice and cozy. In the wintertime it is still best to bring appropriate outerwear like gloves and a hat, as well as a pair of sunglasses as there will be little shade. For summertime flights, long pants and tennis shoes or sturdy shoes will be a lifesaver, as well as the ever-necessary sunblock and sunglasses. We do not recommend wearing shorts or open-toed shoes of any sort, including flip flops.

Alaska Balloon Rides Faq

What should we bring?

Take your camera and be sure your battery is fully charged. Camcorders are also allowed. If you're the type that eats frequent meals, a small treat might help throughout the pre-launch wait.

Is it silent in the balloon?

When the burner is off, it is very quiet. Silence is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Alaska Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Does it get chilly up there?

In fact, at daybreak, it is not unusual for it to be slightly warmer airborne than on the ground due to a temperature inversion at that time of day. The coolest time of the day is when we meet. It gets warmer from that point on, and quite cozy when flying in the balloon. We therefore, advise that you put on clothing in layers so you can adjust for the rising temperatures as the day progresses.

Does the hot air balloon swing a lot throughout the trip?

The basket does not shift at all due to the fact that we are gliding with the wind.

How does a hot air balloon function anyhow?

Alaska Hot Air Balloons levitate because the air within the balloon is warmer than the surrounding air, and the resulting pressure differences create an upward movement.

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What is the procedure for pumping up the hot air balloon?

Chilly air is blasted right into the balloon initially with a fan. The heat units heat this air. After some time the balloon's interior is heated and the balloon lifts to an upright position.

What is involved in steering a hot air balloon?

The hot air balloon journeys according to how the wind behaves at various heights. But at Alaska Balloon Rides our pilots are trained at utilizing the regular patterns in the sky for navigation.

Could I bring my kids with me on my Balloon ride in Alaska?

The most significant thing to think about is the attention span and height of your kids. You want your kids to enjoy the experience together with you; bear in mind that the burner noise may scare younger or more delicate children. Many will enjoy the journey itself, where they can point out how little or distinctive everything seems from up high. Wait on bringing children who are too little to see over the basket or wouldn't recall the trip until they get a little older or taller.

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What about particular needs?

Since we are devoted to offering individualized ballooning adventures, our staff is available to assist you with special inquiries to make your adventures with us even more significant. We consistently accommodate in-flight weddings and marriage proposals, for instance. Gift certificates for specific celebrations are also provided.

Let balloon rides in Alaska inspire your family and friends to soar above their troubles! Get in touch with us 860-352-0600 now!

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This conveys your wish to live. If you have a request, something to make this adventure that much more significant, we can certainly make it happen. This can be your opportunity to bring a smile to a face or ask a big question to somebody special. Just give us a call and our reps are waiting to resolve any question you can think up.

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