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You're absolutely not the only one who becomes inspired to fly after their first Hot Air Balloon ride. It is an easy process to get set up and be one with the skies! Alaska Balloon Rides offers aviators the ability to become certified to fly a hot air balloon.Soar through the skies, enjoying the serene views of the Last Frontier! For individuals who aren't looking for anything more from their pilot certification than to have the freedom to fly whenever you wish, a private pilot's license will be right.

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The training will put you to the test, but you will have tons of fun throughout the adventure!

Alaska Hot Air Balloon Pilot Certification

A Licensed Pilot in Alaska has completed ground school and flight training with a Certified Hot Air Balloon Commercial Pilot. This process consists of:

  1. Passing a Federal Aviation written examination:
      • Topics gone over in the flight theory test include:
      • Meteorology: The study of weather patterns and how they will affect your air travel.
      • Statics: Operating techniques with gas and hot air balloons.
      • Airmanship: General procedures in reference to flight.
      • Navigation: Use of navigational charts.
      • Flight Rules and Procedures: FAA Rules covering pilot privileges, limitations, and flight operations.
      • Rules of conduct
  2. At the minimum, acquiring 2 solo flight hours as well as the mandated amount of total flight hours.
  3. After the written exam it is required that you do a test flight with one of the examiners and supply a doctor's approval to fly.
  4. It will require around 15 hours of flight time to get to the skill level you need to test. Expect to make tow flights of 30 minutes or more and a climb to a minimum of 3000 ft. This overall training time can vary according to your study practices and available time. Some can finish this in only a month, others need a few more. Commit to a new career and get your Ballooning license today with Alaska Balloon Rides!
Hot Air Balloon Pilot Certification Alaska

Ballooning Student Pilots in Alaska

Just before you start your instruction, you will need to acquire a student pilot's certification.

Both FAA assessors in addition to certified pilot examiners can issue a ballooning pilot certificate.

Student pilots must be at least 14 years of age.

Verify that you are clinically able to pilot a hot air balloon.

Show to the instructor that you comprehend pre-flight procedure, how to use the controls of the balloon, and how to safely land and takeoff in the balloon.

Student pilots may not carry passengers.

Balloon Pilot Certification Alaska

Alaska Private Pilot Certification

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible for a Alaska Private Pilot's Certificate.
  • No medical certificate is required, but you must certify that you do not have any known medical defects that would prevent you from piloting a balloon.
      1. You must pass a written test that will cover:
      • FAA Regulations covering pilot privileges, limitations, and flight procedures.
      • Use of navigation charts.
      • Weather conditions & reports as they relate to ballooning.
      • Operating procedures with gas and hot air balloons.
      • Navigation
      • Flight Rules and Procedures
      • Code of Conduct
  • Instruction should have been received in ground handling and inflation, preflight checks, takeoff and ascents, descents and landings, and emergency procedures.
      • Must have at least 10 hours of flight experience, of which 6 must have been under the supervision of an instructor. Flights must have included:
        • Tow flights of at least 30 minutes
        • One ascent to 3000 feet above takeoff point
        • One solo flight
Alaska Balloon Pilot Certification

Commercial Pilot Certification in Alaska

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • No medical certificate required, but you must certify that you do not have any known medical defects that would prevent you from piloting a balloon.
  • You must pass a comprehensive written exam that encompasses all the material required for a Private Pilot Certificate in Alaska, and additional operating procedures relating to commercial operations and requirements for flight instructors.
  • Training for all procedures required for a Alaska Private Certification must be received from an authorized instructor, plus emergency recovery from a terminal velocity descent.

Required 35 hours of flight time for a Alaska commercial certificate must include:

  • At least 35 hours of flight time as a pilot.
  • 20 hours of flight time in balloons.
  • 6 hours of flight time under the supervision of an instructor.
  • 2 solo flights.
  • 2 flights of at least one hour duration.
  • 1 flight to 5000 feet above the take off point.

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Commercial Pilot Certification in Alaska





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