Alaska Balloon Rides Questions And Answers

How long is the flight?

The trip lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending upon the wind speed and direction on the morning of your trip. But anticipate being with us for about 3-4 hours from start to finish.

What altitude does the balloon fly at?

Your altitude will differ during your flight, but most flights travel between 500 and 3,000 feet. The balloon may go higher if the day's winds enable your pilot to do so. Winds allowing, some flights will also happen at lower elevations (treetop level) that supply a nice close up of the scenery below.

How far do you travel?

Because your balloon journey relies 100% on the wind, no two trips are exactly alike, but most Balloon Tours in Alaska travel roughly 2-5 miles.

Alaska Balloon Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Which Alaska locations can I reserve my hot air balloon ride in?

We've got network affiliates all over the stnick, so no matter what corner of Alaska you live in we probably have flight possibilities close to you.

How many of my guests can come along with me on my hot air balloon trip over Alaska?

We have a wide range of balloon sizes. The biggest of our fleet will hold 16 attendees and the pilot. Our biggest balloons are typically set aside for weekend visitors. But we have baskets that will carry anywhere from 4 to 12 individuals. Whichever size basket suits that day's booking is what we use.

What is the best outfit for Balloon flights in Alaska?

We suggest wearing everyday clothes and shoes that will be comfortable during an outdoor event. Think of what season it is and layer outerwear so you can remove shirts as necessary as the day gets warmer. It may be cool before you depart from the ground. The heat of the burners will keep you warm in the air even in cold weather. But to stay warm during the wait, plan to pack winter-appropriate clothing and accessories, including sunglasses for the bright winter sun in the air. In the summer you can consider wearing long pants, a short-sleeve shirt and sun block with sunglasses since there is not going to be shade above the treeline. We do not suggest wearing shorts or open-toed shoes of any sort, including sandals.

Alaska Balloon Rides Faq

What can I carry with me on the balloon?

Bring your digital camera and be sure your battery is fully charged. Video cameras are also permitted. A bag of chips or a drink for the launch will keep your body from rebelling during the adventure.

Is it quiet in the balloon?

Once the burner stops you can hear a pin drop. This silence is one of the best motivators for taking balloon rides in Alaska.

Does it get cold up there?

Actually, at sunrise, it is not uncommon for it to be slightly warmer in the air than on the ground as a result of a temperature inversion at that time of day. The chilliest part of the day is when we meet. It gets more warm from that point on, and quite comfortable when flying in the balloon. We therefore, advise that you put on clothing in layers so you can change for the rising heat levels as the day continues.

I suffer from motion sickness; will I be able to enjoy Alaska Balloon Rides?

The baskets do not swing since it moves with the breeze.

How do hot air balloons work?

Alaska Hot Air Balloons levitate because the air within the balloon is warmer than the surrounding air, and the resulting pressure differences produce an upward movement.

Balloon Rides Faq Alaska

How do you get the balloon inflated?

Our certified aeronautic experts blow cool air into the balloon first using a giant fan. The burners heat this air. Ultimately the balloon is inflated and you're all set to soar.

Exactly how do you steer a balloon?

The only means to steer a balloon is by identifying distinct wind directions at different heights. Our pilots are specially educated for mountain flying and are incredibly proficient at maneuvering the balloon.

What about kids?

Once your little one is tall enough to see over the basket and can sit still for the hour of flight time you're more than welcome to bring him/her. Certain children won't like the surprising roar of the burners but will get a kick out of the genuine flight. You might find them looking for wildlife or certain spots or asking a number of questions about how the balloon operates. We do not suggest bringing very small kids, babies, or children who are afraid of heights since they won't be able to enjoy the balloon ride as it is meant to be.

Balloon Ride Faq Alaska

Can I individualize balloon rides in Alaska?

Yes: Alaska Balloon Rides is determined to help you with whatever special request you might have for your hot air balloon flight. Enjoy an exclusive event like a wedding or birthday or just request an accommodation and we'll do what we can. We also sell gift certificates so you can blow away loved ones or family members with the chance to experience their very own balloon rides in Alaska.

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